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What are the Odds?

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What are the Odds?

Over recent months, RLA Ireland has been working with local insurance broker W Todd & Son, to re-energise their brand look and feel. Having rebranded the company as Todd Insurance Brokers, we set about designing a fresh, modern new identity and developed a brand awareness campaign – all based around the creative positioning: ‘What are the odds’.

When working on the rebrand, we cleverly designed the name ‘Todd’ in such a way, that we could create a unique and distinctive positioning for the insurance company, all based around the concept of weighing up the odds. Research shows, that apart from car insurance, which we’re all legally obliged to have, people tend to weigh up the chances of anything happening when it comes to taking out travel, home and even business insurance.

It was this factor that we wanted to play on in a light-hearted/humorous way. From this, an eye-catching awareness campaign was developed that got people to think about the fact that life is full of little suprises and are you really prepared to take the risk? The campaign was all underpinned by the strapline:

Weigh up the odds, then talk to Todd.

To date, a wide range of outdoor formats have been used, including 48 sheets, adshels, streetliners and Primesights. With 3 offices throughout Northern Ireland (Omagh, Enniskillen, Larne) Todd Insurance Brokers are quickly establishing themselves as a leading, local broker.