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An Issue of Legacy

Client: Volkswagen

Volkswagen dealers have consistently delivered an enjoyable car sales experience for several years. Fact. The subsequent Aftersales experience(s) has never been held in the same regard.

With Volkswagen’s desired result to be No1 volume manufacturer for customer satisfaction a huge focus was placed on Aftersales and after years in research, several process, pricing and communications initiatives are now in place. Together with several impressive changes in attitude and direction including rolling-out the comprehensive Service only CRM programme, Predictive Marketing and the ‘Price Promise’ campaign launched in 2008, both run by RLA. The initiatives are widespread and one by one have made measurable changes in perception.

The culmination of this work was the launch of Fixed Price Servicing which needed a communication platform that summarised the years of research, thinking and programme development that Volkswagen had invested in to help improve their customer Aftersales experience.

Our line ‘There’s a science to our customer service – we believe gives Volkswagen the winning formula!

An Issue of Legacy