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Used to Shopping at Lidl?

Client: Lidl

Lidl have had supermarkets in Northern Ireland for over ten years and their no-frills continental approach has worked very well with some consumers.

But how do you compete with the truly enormous advertising budgets of the giant British supermarket chains? Well, instead of just banging on about price, how about creating a TV campaign that makes viewers laugh, connects them to the Lidl brand – and only then hits them with great price offers? Lidl commissioned us to make ten of these innovative animated spots, which picked up three national advertising awards. And the best bit? Because we thought long and hard before we started, the entire suite of ads were made for a fraction of the cost of traditional TV advertising. We also did a series of very cool radio ads as well.

Cream Creative Awards:      

Gold for ‘Best Low Budget TV and Cinema Advert’   

Silver for ‘Best Broadcast Campaign’

Fresh Creative Awards:          

Bronze for ‘Best Budget TV Commercial’

Used to Shopping at Lidl?