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Recruiting care workers is no easy task. Prevailing perceptions of poor pay, working conditions and a lack of respect make finding the right calibre of candidate difficult.

Hampshire County Council wanted to attract people to the industry as part of a far-reaching programme to improve care services in the county. A small number of strategic contractors provide these services to the council, each of which was a stakeholder in the plans.

After winning a competitive pitch RLA were appointed to create a recruitment campaign around our concept “Change Lives. Start with Yours”. Based on focus group research this proposition, one of several tested, really struck a chord. Care work is a really meaningful, rewarding career in comparison with other jobs with similar salaries.

The campaign, which went live in January, dramatises how one career can lead into another and the positive impact it can have on your life. Two executions ran across press advertising, outdoor, printed collateral, radio and additional vox pop and ‘Day in the Life’ films which were used on the website and via Social Media. Click here to view one of them.

To date 05/03- website has received circa 5000 unique visits, with 75% of users clicking through to another page on the site, with most heading to the ‘How to apply’ page. A delighted client is compiling a full results report for the end of March.

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