Chris Goodwin announced as new Commercial Director at the mission™ image

RLA CEO Chris Goodwin is stepping up into the position of Commercial Director of themission™ with immediate effect.

A new CEO of RLA will be announced shortly, but it is envisaged that Chris will also continue in this role until the second quarter when the new CEO is expected to start.

The newly created role will see Chris working closely with the thirteen mission™ Agencies, looking at synergistic opportunities for shared working in order to maximise business development of the collective Group.

Chris will continue in his role at RLA throughout 2016 as Non-Executive Chairman of RLA Group, with its offices located in Bournemouth and Belfast.

Chris will also be responsible for the marketing and PR for the mission formerly carried out by Chris Morris, who remains as a Non-Executive at the mission™ Board with increased focus on the Group’s ongoing acquisition strategy. In addition, Chris Morris will continue to manage the annual reporting and accounts at the mission™.

David Morgan, Chairman of the mission™ commented: “The appointment of Chris Goodwin to this role will help us realise this common goal of closer working relationships between our Agencies to collectively build a bigger and better business by making our Clients’ brands and businesses more valuable.”

Chris Goodwin announced as new Commercial Director at the mission™ - RLA™