What’s your role at RLA?

I’m a Digital Designer.

Ok, so what do you actually do?

Email advertising, websites, landing pages and app design. I’m involved in the user experience and the interfaces of the digital projects we do. Working as the bridge between the studio and the digital team to try to build exciting digital products.

But I also get involved in all the design work we do, so as well as the digital stuff there’s plenty of creative, art direction and print design to be considered. We’re a tight team so anything we can do to help get all the work done to a high standard is a must!

What makes working at RLA different to other agencies?

There’s a real buzz in the barn and a sense of togetherness to produce great work that I’ve not experienced anywhere else.

What industry trend or technology are you most excited about?

Electric cars and renew-able energy. I’m a petrol head so it sounds sacrilegious to say it, but electric cars are the future, so the sooner we get on board the better! It’s going to be huge.

When you’re not in the barn, what do you get up to?

I’ve got a little girl who is 1, so running around after her to keep her out of trouble is usually number one. But I do like to play video games to turn my brain off and wind down, and I live near the forest so heading out for a walk or a drive with my girlfriend and my little one is always a good day. All whilst daydreaming about cars as well.

What are you most proud of (career, personal, go for broke)?

Being a dad. That’s pretty cool.

What would you do if you weren’t in the marketing industry?

Anything with cars.

You’re in control of the Sonos, what are we listening to?

OPM – Heaven is a halfpipe.

We’re on a pitch and it’s pizza time, what are you ordering?

All the meats, stuffed crust, extra chillies and hot sauce. Although I’ve just got into pineapple and olive; sweet, salty and contentious.

Summarise RLA in one word.