What’s your new role at RLA, and how are you settling into it?

I started a few weeks ago as Senior Account Manager and I’m really enjoying it, soaking up as much information as I can.

What were your first impressions of your team?

Everyone here at RLA is so super friendly. I feel so at home already and they have been so helpful with introducing me to everyone and getting me set up.

What did you do before starting at RLA? Give us the career/education highlights!

I spent an (un) glamorous few years in the events industry, working at a creative production agency in London and Ibiza. Designing, building and managing events and experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands, in a variety of sectors! As a Client Manager in the events industry, you really learn to work well under pressure and to extremely tight deadlines!

What’s different about RLA so far?

RLA have a culture that isn’t just smoke and mirrors, they actually mean it. There’s a fantastic process and structure to the team.

What’s your dream client?

Just a really, really happy client!

What do you get up to outside of work?

I love exploring our beautiful coast, being at the beach, and seeing as many festivals and as much live music as I can!

What made you choose RLA?

RLA have an amazing reputation in our industry on the south coast. When I saw the role was available, I just had to go for it.

If you could have a superpower what would it be, and why?

I would love to read people's minds! Imagine how awesome our jobs would be then?!

What is your favourite movie, and why?

Star Wars, OBVIOUSLY 😉