We were only five days into our 12-week pan-European brand engagement gamification campaign for Ferodo and we’d already burned through 75% of the forecasted gameplay. What was going on? Turns out, we got our strategy right. More than right. We’d banked on being able to quickly reignite the Aftermarket’s attraction to the heritage braking brand through a series of gamified, mobile-first stories, incentives and promotions… we just didn’t bank on the scale of the reaction! Our challenge was to re-establish Ferodo as the premium braking brand of choice across 17 European countries, including Russia, by targeting local garages and distributors and encouraging them to reappraise their current allegiances. Years of underinvestment in marketing had led to the inevitable erosion in awareness of the Ferodo brand, and sales were now in decline. Which was a big concern.


Our solution was extensive. An omni-channel promotion-led campaign, tailored minutely to each market and fulfilled in its entirety by us. Full campaign creative, launch films, mobile gaming, Facebook leagues by market, POS print and fulfilment for 200 EU delivery points and a branded event team on the road, moving from market to market. And the big umbrella concept of a multi-million-Euro-insured driving game concept where every €50 purchase of Ferodo products could win an Abarth 500.


The result? The €1m campaign targeted 250,000 customers and immediately arrested the sales decline within and six months beyond the live campaign period. Diving into the data told us that in just the first five days of the campaign, all 17 markets had been frantically ringing, clicking and gaming their way towards the prizes – reacquainting themselves with the Ferodo brand in the process. The engagement was so extraordinary that Romania over-engaged by 2000%, with two Abarths being won through sheer determination (and a fair number of purchases of course)! As far as problems go – it was a nice one to have.

It turns out knowing – really, truly knowing your audience is everything. It’s the key to results like these.