A year ago this month, RLA gave birth to something pretty unique in the automotive market.

PERKS was born to Trade Team, PSA Group's Trade Parts Programme. The first car manufacturer trade rewards scheme was launched to encourage independent garages to buy more and more often. . Quite simply for every pound they spend they earn a point, which can be redeemed at Amazon.co.uk or with Snap-On tools. In addition we run weekly and monthly competitions for great prizes including the chance to win a weekend stay at Dracula’s castle in Transylvania, Drive a Supercar, and receive a bundle of the latest gadgets - Trade Team’s customers love it.

To date we have given away over £160,000 worth of goodies and we have created real buzz amongst customers, regularly receiving emails thanking us for prizes as well as giving us lots of positive feedback on how good the programme is.

PERKS has given us tremendous insight into our customers behaviour and the programme has transformed how we reach, engage and drive sales amongst our audience. The power of data married to creativity allows us to deliver a truly personalised and tailored programme that drives sales uplift each and every month. PERKS gives customers a reason to prefer, a reason to pick up the phone and call their local Parts Distributor and place an order. The results are pretty awesome and we have delivered a significant uplift in sales each and every month with record ROI. The icing on the cake has been to be recognised for the Client and Agency team’s great work as a recent finalist in the b2b marketing strategy category at the Drum Market