Now the clocks have moved forward, and the 'beast from the east’ a distant, chilly memory, Spring is tentatively doing its thing. The world around us is becoming more colourful, more positive - re-invigorated with the sense of growth and renewal, as Mother Nature moves to the tune of the season.

Businesses, too, have to adapt and evolve to the changing seasons. In RLA’s case, responding to the changing nature of our client requirements, and the opportunities new media affords us. Standing still is never an option.

So it is with a sense of optimism and pride that we reveal a new RLA…a team with the knowledge and skills to deliver colour and positivity across your whole business. Yes, we have the same professional, hard-working yet down-to-earth teams; delivering success with our enviable creative firepower. But with the need to adapt and evolve, to better serve our clients, we have invested heavily in the development of ‘Cortex,’ our new marketing technology platform.

Cortex helps solve the conundrum of potential disunity between sales and marketing departments by serving both sets of goals and requirements - delivering smart, automated marketing solutions covering entire customer journeys, generating greater customer loyalty, and helping engender the correct corporate behaviours in sales teams. That, and much more.

Why link sales and marketing departments? At RLA we believe in ‘Connected Ambition’ - the notion that every single communication task we undertake exists in a broader brand/company ecosystem that your agency should really understand in order to deliver more effective solutions. That your ambition is best served through united sales and marketing programmes. Sure, we can answer individual, stand-alone briefs - we often do. But rarely will this deliver the optimal results you are seeking.

So if our approach intrigues you, do shout - just as the Spring season brings on new opportunities, growth and optimism, a conversation with RLA could well do the same.