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The latest in our series of posts on the core values of RLA, this time we’re looking at one of the most important of our values. It’s one that really sets us apart and makes us truly indispensable in what we do – ‘Can Do’.

A ‘Can Do’ attitude is one of the most important aspects of making great work. It leaves no room for doubt or negativity, keeps the project teams and stakeholders enthused and energised. It makes room for unbridled creativity and helps build a winning, collaborative team spirit.

Google, one of the most influential tech companies to come out of Silicon Valley, announced a surprise restructure this week. It includes the formation of a brand new parent company, Alphabet, which has led to something of a reshuffle in the Google boardroom. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are taking the reins of the new parent company, which leaves a top spot at Google up for grabs.

In what is an amazing realisation of just how powerful a ‘Can Do’ attitude can be, 43 year old Sundar Pichai is the man that has taken that top spot, and his appointment marks another step in his incredible life story. It is a resounding endorsement of both himself personally, as well as the international standing of India in the global technology industry.


Pichai was born in Chennai, in India, and spent his childhood in a humble two bedroom apartment, where he slept on the living room floor along with his younger brother. The family didn’t own a car or a television, and didn’t own a phone of any kind until Pichai was 12 years old. (Almost unbelievable given that he is now in charge of the Android, the world’s most popular mobile OS). He was the captain of his school’s cricket team, showing initiative and leadership from a young age, and going on to win several regional competitions.

Pichai’s interest in technology was piqued at an early age by his father, who worked for The British General Electric Company. “I used to come home and talk to him a lot about my work day and the challenges I faced,” his father told Bloomberg.

After school he studied Metallurgical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur), quickly receiving recognition from his tutors and peers. One of his tutors was quoted in the Times of India as saying that Pichai was “the brightest of his batch”. This was a view obviously shared by others as upon graduating from IIT Kharagpur, he received a scholarship to Stanford University in the USA – the proving ground of almost every tech genius or Silicon Valley entrepreneur. His ticket to America cost more than his father’s annual salary.

His ‘Can Do’ attitude and hard work have seen him rise through the ranks at Google fairly quickly, and he is described by his peers as softly-spoken and well-liked. He has also seen a surge in popularity with the web development community since running Google’s annual development conference, I/O, and taking the helm of Google now seems to be the logical and fitting next step.

With the restructure, Pichai will be in charge of the more traditional Google products and services, including areas like Search, Advertising, YouTube and Maps. The more leftfield areas of Google like Google X, Google Glass, and Google Robotics will now fall under the remit of Alphabet, the new parent company. It will be interesting to see how Pichai plans to handle some of the challenges he’ll face as the new top dog of Google, including YouTube’s ongoing battle with the recently revamped Facebook video service. However, judging by his past successes and his unswerving ‘Can Do’ attitude we’re guessing that he’ll do just fine.

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