We opened the agency doors in 1984 with Volkswagen as our first client. 63 automotive brands later, we’re the expert mechanism behind some of the industry’s most financially successful marketing of the last 30 years. Call us today to find out what we can do for your organisation.

For when you haven’t got the time to teach your agency about your world

Breadth of experience counts for everything in any specialist sector; it’s no different in the complex world of automotive which is the most perplexing of industries to the casual outsider. Which is why you need an agency with proven experience, with results from across the whole supply chain. From manufacturers, to global OES parts suppliers, to financial services and leasing – understanding the whole mix is essential in creating powerful communications which hits the consumer’s mark.

Performance is the key

The defining difference in the RLA approach is, at our core, to deliver operationally savvy programmes that are demonstrably capable of delivery in the real world.

Whether it’s our lead brand creative on Scania, a trade parts promotion for Volkswagen Group, a bespoke fleet aftersales CRM platform for Peugeot Citroën or a long-term behavioural change programme for Volvo – everything is built to be delivered by the people behind the brand.

Detailed capability

Across multiple channels, we provide expert advertising and marketing solutions for all key departments: Sales, Aftersales, Fleet, Used, Parts and Accessories. Understanding the detail behind each department – and, importantly, their impact on each other – allows us to deliver complex solutions to the greater benefit of the whole brand.

Manufacturer, factories or NSC

We are trusted partners to the world’s leading automotive brands; Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Peugeot Citroën, Kia, Ford, Scania and Volvo.

With several members of the RLA Board and management teams being ex-manufacturer Marketing Directors and Managers, our operational expertise is built on having a unique insight from both sides of the client/agency fence.

Dealer Marketing

With over a thousand dealers currently benefiting from our dealer-based marketing programmes, we help automotive dealer networks connect with their local audience. With a full suite of local consumer segmentation and media tools at our disposal, we provide an extensive localisation service:

  • Local consumer, demographic and geographic segmentation
  • Prospect identification and targeting strategy
  • Secure programme dealer portal
  • Local advertising production service
  • Dealer website/content/social service
  • Customer lead generation campaigns and events
  • Unique dealer incentive and reward platform
  • Unique staff motivation and recognition platform
  • Dealer showroom POS programme
  • Predictive Marketing, a service reminder programme

Global Aftermarket

With OES clients such as Federal-Mogul, Ferodo, Champion, Castrol, U-POL and Trico, we create, build and fulfil detailed importer, distributer and independent garage campaign and purchase loyalty programmes in up to 45 markets and 70 languages.

From multi-language cataloguing and literature in Eastern Europe, to a product launch in Australia, to full-scale exhibition stands in China or local advertising in South Africa, RLA provide the complete centralised, multi-lingual marketing service to care for your brand communications across the globe.


A long standing ultra-specialism, Aftersales is a micro expertise of RLA. From long-term ownership strategy to the construction of loyalty and retention programmes to the targeting of roof rack sales in winter – we provide bespoke and complex solutions to driving retail service hours, trade parts, warranty, accident repair, fleet aftersales, accessories and merchandise.

With over 2 million daily personalised predictive marketing reminder contacts leaving our agency each year for 11 years, it’s safe to say your customers’ ongoing relationship contact is in good hands.

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