Energy & Environment

The energy and environmental changes the world is experiencing are spectacular. As pressure on land and resources increase the need to create a sustainable future has never been more pressing. At RLA, we are helping drive change. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.

Changing behaviour

At RLA, we’re experts in the field of energy and environment marketing. In fact, you could go so far as saying we’re ‘one of a kind’. By combining our ‘Green’ expertise with our passion for strategy, creativity and innovative media, we have delivered cutting edge marketing solutions that have helped change consumer behaviour and deliver real results.

We understand it’s not as simple as putting out your ‘Green Stall’ and waiting for customers to flood in. In our experience, great marketing can only be achieved through a sound strategic process. This is especially true in energy and environment marketing. It is no longer enough to place a photo of a wind turbine on an advert and expect the market to accept your green credentials.

Understanding and segmenting audiences is the key to success

You need to truly understand how and why different audiences will react to green messages and you need to establish the most efficient and effective ways to deliver your message to those audiences.

To help us gain that all-important insight, we spend time researching, analysing and profiling our client’s audiences, looking for the key insights that will make the campaign stand out. To help us, we use an extensive range of research and profiling tools including among others:

  • Target Group Index
  • Mosaic
  • Trend Watching
  • WARC (World Advertising Research Centre)

Delivering results

Over the years, we have delivered award-winning campaigns for Belfast City Council that have dramatically increased recycling amongst the population and reduced the amount of litter on its streets.

Promoting sustainable energy

We have planned highly effective nationwide multi-media public awareness campaigns for Ireland’s national energy agency, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, promoting the development of sustainable energy practises and behaviours to consumer and businesses alike.

Our campaigns have encouraged the uptake of renewable energy tariffs for power retailers PowerNI and Energia and helped DETI NI beat its targets for the installation of renewable energy equipment (solar, wind, wood pellet burners, etc) in homes.

Highlighting commercial opportunities

We have also helped Invest NI deliver one of the most successful Energy & Environment conferences in NI, to promote and encourage energy and environment entrepreneurship across a range of business sectors.

So if you have a need to deliver behaviour change to encourage environmentally friendly practices, or sell green goods and services, talk to the people who are knowledgeable about delivering results.

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