Despite our world going digital, when it comes to our weekly food shop most people still like to visit their local supermarket. And they are making decisions right in front of your products. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you increase sales.

Driving sales requires a strong brand

For the grocery shop, the in-store decision rate has moved from 70% to 76% since 1995*. That means your in-store presence must be totally sorted before you even consider any other marketing. If your brand doesn’t jump off the shelf, it won’t make it’s way into that shopping trolley. At RLA, we have a wealth of experience developing eye-catching brand identity, innovative display stands and POS that get your products noticed and creates stand out in-store.

Delivering for big brand household names and niche markets

Over the years, we’ve created mass-market food brands for Allied Bakeries across their Sunblest, Burgeon and Kingsmill brands. We’ve developed a local sourcing brand for Tesco – Taste Northern Ireland – to promote and increase sales of locally produced food. And we’ve done it for smaller, more niche players such as Groovy Foods Gluten Free range and Caldesi pasta. More recently, we’ve created a new brand identity and strategic positioning for Grahams bakeries that will be rolled out on packaging, across over 20 products.

The key ingredient to success – research

The difference at RLA is, everything we do is underpinned by sound strategic planning. So before we put pen to paper, we start the process with a Brand Ignition Day. This allows us to develop what we call a ‘Disruptive Idea’. By looking at competitor conventions, identifying clear objectives and outlining a clear vision for where you need to be, we can develop a brand positioning that promises the right things to the right people.

As Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different to happen”.

The Brand Ignition Process

During the day, we take clients through the following process to ensure we are building a strong brand that will set them apart from their competitors:

  • Competitor research and insights
  • Trends and innovations
  • Disruptive idea – brand strategy
  • Brand positioning statement

Conquering the in-store battle ground

As well as communication campaigns and packaging design, ‘shopper marketing’ is a key tool for tuning into the shopper mindset. At RLA, we understand great packaging and advertising campaigns need to be reinforced at what retailers refer to as the ‘moment of truth’ – or point of purchase.

With research showing it takes as little as 2.6 seconds for consumers to make a purchase decision, it is imperative your product is screaming ‘pick me’ in-store. Hence, over the years, we have created innovative ways to disrupt the consumer’s decision-making with innovative POS materials such as 3D floor graphics, trolley advertising, bespoke merchandising display stands and tannoy commercials for brands such as Coca-Cola, Sunblest, Kingsmill and Nestle, to name but a few.

So whatever your FMCG challenges, you can be sure RLA have a team of talented people with the know-how and the expertise to solve them.

*Source: POPAI 2012 Shopper Engagement Study

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