RLA’s centralised global marcomms service provides controlled reach management and expansion in up to 70 markets through the security and efficiency from one trusted supplier – with all the right contacts, in all the right places. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.

At RLA, we have a proven track record to deliver powerful communications across geographical, operational or cultural boundaries. By providing a full-service, in-house ‘centralised management’ programme from within the UK, we deliver multi-market communications. That’s all channels, all services, all translations though one agency, ensuring a consistent, efficient and cost-effective approach.

We use approved local agency support on complex projects to provide specialist insight, support services, fulfilment, cultural direction and even account/event staff as required to fulfil your requirements. Local legal frameworks, tax rules and cultural hot spots are managed on your behalf with international advertising lawyer support through our membership of the Institute of Practitioners of Advertising (IPA).

Delivering successful Global engagement

Our objective is maximum engagement from all stakeholders across your brand’s Global network – a programme that provides demonstrable benefits to everyone involved, from Importer and Distributer to regional office or sales manager on the road.

We do this by engaging on a one-to-one basis. Personal market visits and flexible account teams are just one WebEx away. We aim to set the three ground rules for successful Global support: Transparency, Availability and Ownership.


We provide transparency on both sides of your marketing relationship through our unique market engagement tool, the RLA Performance Dashboard. This effective balanced scorecard allows each stakeholder to review programme performance in real time, online.


Close collaboration is essential. We build partnership through providing individual market support on a weekly or daily basis. With flexible account management teams we ensure excellent availability to match the time zone requirements of your markets.


Setting working parameters and KPIs for the programme, and with markets individually, ensures we are able to apportion credible ownership with both the agency and the market.  From response time to sales performance, the KPIs are built to your requirements.

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