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Every day the government are tasked with ensuring we all have the information needed to help us make the right choices. And they need an agency with a proven track record in delivering results. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for your organisation.

Changing consumer behaviour

At RLA, we have helped our government partners change littering behaviour in Belfast, increased numbers going to libraries in Hampshire, tackled Northern Irish sectarianism as well as planning and delivering seven-figure advertising campaigns for tourism.

We have helped encourage the uptake of renewable energy technology, delivered apprenticeship campaigns for the Department of Employment and Learning and produced effective campaigns that have increased adult participation in sport.

And all with measurable and effective results that have delivered and often exceeded government targets.

Planning and evaluation

All clients need to ensure every penny they spend is accounted for and shows a measureable ROI. And when it comes to government advertising and the taxpayers money, you need to be sure your proposed approach is going to work. That’s why everything we do at RLA is measurable. To ensure KPIs and ROI are met, our strategic planners use a wealth of marketing tools to drive consumer insights and understanding and ensure we our delivering the message via the most appropriate media channels.

Before our creative direction goes live, we carry out pre-campaign focus groups with key target audiences to refine and direct our thinking and make sure it delivers the right message. And both during and post campaign, we evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Delivering measurable, targeted results

We are results focused, and got the message a long time ago on the need for efficiency, accountability and robust evaluation. At RLA, we rarely do just advertising. We’re conscious that one size doesn’t fit all. Our greatest strengths are ensuring we provide you with an effective yet affordable integrated approach that’s right for you and that will achieve the desired results.

Every day, we work with organisations facing diverse communication challenges. This includes projects as diverse as legislative change such as welfare reform, public health behaviour change programmes, encouraging tourism, or influencing people to recycle and use buses or cycle more.

And we’re proud to say we’ve helped deliver these projects with great results.


Here is just an insight into some of the results we have helped government departments deliver over the years:

Hampshire County Council – in terms of getting people to re-engage with their local Library, we delivered a direct mail campaign that saw a massive 19.2% of mailer recipients walk through their library door in the six months following the campaign.

Belfast City Council – in terms of changing consumer behaviour and getting people to consider recycling glass by bringing it to their nearest bottle bank, we delivered a staggering 33% increase during the promotional period.

Northern Ireland Tourist Board – in terms of driving economic growth, the number of visitors taking short break holidays improved substantially over the three years of the campaign and the return on investment was evaluated at £14 per £1 spent.

So if you have a public sector communication challenge you need solved, talk to someone who understands the sensitivities and the parameters to deliver a measureable and effective approach.

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