Reward & Recognition

“What gets measured gets done.” And what gets rewarded gets done more. RLA’s pioneering rewards programmes are changing our clients’ organisational behaviour. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for your organisation.

Motivation is the key

Understanding motivation is fundamental to an incentive programme’s success. Throwing money at a problem is rarely the answer. Throwing effort, dedicated resource, communication, an interactive hub, visibility and a meaningful incentive level, however, can transform staff behaviour and organisation performance. We aren’t afraid of the hard work.

If you’re looking for an incentive company to advise you on the merits of Las Vegas vs Sun City, then we’re not worth the call. If, however, you want a rewards programme which spans job roles and facilities, drives sales and positive behaviours and motivates by team spirit, as well as money, then read on.


Our rewards programmes can encompass a wide range of measures depending on the client’s business. Total sales, upsell percentages, timeliness, promotional participation, scores from customer feedback forms, mystery shopper results, stock holding and order fulfilment accuracy. All these measures can be aggregated into a single, cross-location, cross-role platform which unites an organisation with common needs.

Visibility is everything

We keep the inherent complexity of our schemes well and truly hidden. An at-a-glance online dashboard, bespoke to each job role, puts all the important figures in clear focus: performance league tables and charts by role, outlet and region. This clarity drives motivation on every level – from not wanting to let colleagues down to striving for the top.

Long, medium and short-term goals

As well as long-term goals, we build in the functionality to include quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily ‘blitz’ sales campaigns.

Dedicated In-house Support Team

Incentive schemes this sophisticated can’t just be launched with the hope they’ll float and sail in the right direction. It is essential you have a team of dedicated support staff to resource it. At RLA, we don’t just launch the schemes – we manage and run them too. Our in-house support team administer the programme, deal with day-to-day queries and proactively encourage ongoing participation in the scheme.

So if you want a reward and recognition programme that will actually change business behaviour and performance, rather than a boy’s club with a bloated budget and lazy targeting, you’re in very capable hands with RLA.

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