Travel & Tourism

When it comes to travel and destinations, there’s simply too much choice for the average Joe. For over 30 years, RLA have delivered destination and transport motivation campaigns, moving customers from A to B via C or even Z. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.

From here to there to you

No matter where you’re going or how you choose to get there, we have been moving people or products from A to B for 30 exciting years. RLA are an expert travel, transport, tourism and destination integrated marketing agency providing a full creative service across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

The complete journey

From the creative above-the-line influencing of the greater public on their weekend destination or next holiday to the mechanical method of transport along the way – we complete the 360 degree journey from door-to-door. Whole-service/journey strategy, communications efficiency and motivating consumer action and responses are married to integrated creative marcomms and advertising – inventing campaigns and promotions to ensure your customers choose your product for their next journey from home.

Travel and Transport

Whether you’re a holiday company, tour operator, Transportation Authority, vehicle rental firm, or even the regional airport – no matter what the mechanism of travel, if it moves people we can market it. We provide the big idea through integrated point of sale, digital placement strategy, online solutions, promotional campaign development, competitions and loyalty platforms – right down to the cataloguing and service timetables.


Pushing or pulling a customer to a specific destination goes hand in hand with the method of travel they choose to get there. Inspiring consumers to overcome their ‘sofa apathy’ this weekend or this summer – a romantic weekend in London, the Edinburgh Festival, a Mumford & Sons concert, a family day out, the big summer holiday to Florida or an afternoon at Titanic Belfast – RLA provide the strategic imperative to your audience, the right motivation in the right style at the right time.

Our products

  • Consumer travel
  • Transport mechanics
  • Destinations and Events
  • Customer Service and Relationship Management
  • Loyalty and reward platform
The return on investment for the ‘Your Time, Our Place’ project for the Northern Irish Tourist Board was evaluated at £14 per £1 spent
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