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Growth in footfall happens when people genuinely believe businesses have something interesting to offer. They’ll come, and they’ll spend, and they’ll come back.

Consistency is important to the modern, brand-savvy consumer. A consistent message and experience across outlets requires total control of the brand. In every outlet, all the time. It’s frustrating that all the effort and budget sunk into building it can so easily be undermined by inconsistencies in local communications or staff behaviour?

Developed by RLA, Thrive is an exceptional programme of tools created to manage clients’ local marketing activity on a national basis. It delivers a local advertising, marketing and insight service, connecting strong national and regional brands with local customers.

Thrive is unique in that it adopts a holistic approach to improving sales and marketing across large organisations. The programme operates through 3 distinct levels.

  • Firstly it improves Local Engagement, achieved via more capable local advertising, insight and support service solutions.
  • Thrive then sets about driving Local Performance using a series of online tools through a portal that links sales and field marketing. Clients are able to plan, execute and monitor engagement and sales activity across their network.
  • Finally, the personalised Behaviour environment within the system promotes the very best brand behaviours within regions, outlets and individual staff.

Obviously not all businesses will have the same needs. For this reason each level of Thrive is split into modular components so clients can select just those services they need.

Many companies are already using the programme’s tools to build local consistency, while granting their outlets flexibility and autonomy.  Businesses like Tesco, Fiat and Kingfisher Group.

Paul Miller, RLA’s Managing Director says, “We’re genuinely excited about the development of the Thrive programme. It’s the summation of what RLA have excelled at for many, many years – real-world communication solutions for complex organisations. We’re really proud of what it can achieve and can’t wait to get the message out there.”

Find out more about Thrive at or call Anthony on 01202 597 154.

Thrive builds national sales through local marketing brilliance - RLA™