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Brightening up your day

When it comes to raising bakery sales and keeping your brand top of consumer’s minds, you could say we have the special ingredients needed to do just that. For over 10 years, RLA has been working with Allied Bakeries helping to build their Kingsmill, Burgen, Allison and Sunblest brands.

Whether it’s developing eye-catching packaging that jumps off the shelf, show-stopping point-of-sale items, innovative advertising and social media campaigns or unmissable roadshows and exhibition stands, we’ve done it all, and with great success along the way.

In particular, our work for Sunblest has picked up numerous awards over the years and even got the royal seal of approval when Kate and William flipped one of our much loved pancakes at a roadshow on Pancake Tuesday.

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Developing a new brand strategy

Recently, we rebranded the iconic Northern Ireland Sunblest brand to help re-engage it with a younger, female audience. With the help of Northern Ireland and Scottish consumers, we hosted a Brand Strategy Day for over 20 employees of the bakery – Managing Director, Operations, Financial, Marketing and HR Directors and other team personnel all took part. During that session, we redefined the brand positioning celebrating its core essence – great value, everyday family favourites from a brand which looks on the brighter side of life: Sunshine for everyone.

From this, we created a new brand proposition for Sunblest, which was underpinned by the strapline: putting a smile on your face. To bring the new positioning to life, we created a series of one-liners, which were designed to put a wry-smile on consumers’ faces and simply bring a little bit of sunshine into their day – just like treating yourself to a Sunblest pancake would do. The new positioning created a strong ownable point of difference from competitors and it certainly stood out.

Local Market share rose from 23.8% to 28.3% in 2013
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Delivering brand communications that work

Like everything we do, it’s only successful if it delivers your objectives and is effective in driving company sales. That’s where our pre and post campaign research and evaluation is imperative in ensuring we deliver both strategically and creatively. Campaign evaluation and research showed that:

  • In the younger female target market there was a quantum shift in their attitude towards the Sunblest brand – with 48% now describing it as social, lively and fun – so we’ve reconnected and in a relevant way.
  • Image and Attitude research shows strong recognition amongst 25 to 35 year-old females and a retention of loyal customers too.

So not only did we breathe new life into the Sunblest brand, we were also responsible for delivering a measurable increase in brand awareness.

UK adults eat almost 2kg of bread products per person per week!


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