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Creating stand-out

Big brands have the luxury of securing success with commercial clout.  They have the budgets and the know-how to get their products into the multinational supermarkets and secure strong shelf presence. For the smaller players and new artisan suppliers in the food market, this makes it even harder to secure listings and develop packaging that jumps off the shelf.

At RLA, we understand smaller suppliers have to fight harder to get their products listed and this means they need to design packaging that really sets them apart and stands out from their competitors. In addition, all this needs to be achieved with tighter budgets and normally tighter deadlines – but that doesn’t mean cutting back on research, focus groups and creative testing. To build a brand, you need to test, refine and test again and this is all part of the process we take whatever your budget constraints. To give you a taste of what we’ve done for some of our smaller food clients, here’s an example of some of the projects we have successfully delivered.

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A passion for pasta

Renowned restaurateur, cookery school owner and celebrity chef Giancarlo Caldesi approached RLA to create his whole identity and packaging.

With a range of premium colour-dyed pastas, it wasn’t an easy proposition to take to the supermarkets. It’s an already crowded sector and a difficult sell – even with the charismatic Giancarlo leading the charge. But our packaging put him right at the fore. Not just approving or signing-off his product, but proudly bringing you ‘HIS’ pasta and passion for Italian cooking, all delivered in a package that brings together artisan wholesomeness and Italian style with a very premium look.

So wherever your product may be in its lifecycle, or whatever size your budget, we’ve got the experience and the unflappable determination to make sure it screams ‘Pick Me’.

When company director of Ashelys Restaurant group, Giancarlo employed a young Ainsley Harriot
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Getting groovy with sweeteners

Nutritional food pioneers The Groovy Food Company worked with RLA on brand development, packaging design and advertising for their Agave Nectar range of natural sweeteners. The packaging is full of life, vitality and energy – just like the product. To create stand-out and a point of difference, the design deliberately steers away from many of the more sterile packaging cues followed by other sweeteners in the market.

Following on from the success of the Agave Nectar range, we were asked to develop the brand look and feel for their Italian Panettone – the only gluten-free variety on the market. Again we created compelling packaging which built the brand look and feel for Groovy foods and at the same time, delivered several core messages clearly and tastily!

Agave Nectar is a natural fructose sweetener extracted from the Agave plant in Mexico
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