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Within FMCG, the last few yards of the customer’s journey are pivotal. We all know media investment and huge advertising campaigns can build awareness, interest and desire in your products. But that is all for nothing, at least in the short term, if we fail to convert the customer at point of purchase. If another brand is shouting ‘Pick Me’ when they walk into the store, the chances are, brand loyalty will go out the window and the consumer will be tempted to pick the one that attracts their attention.

With years of experience working with Tesco and Allied Bakeries on in-store initiatives, Coca-Cola tasked RLA with their in-store brand activation programme. To give you a flavour of how we brought the above in-line campaigns to life in-store through engaging and impactful point of sale, here is a taste of a few of the projects we delivered.

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Feel good summer vibes

To celebrate summer, Coke wanted to develop a ‘Feel Good’ summer promotion. To do this, they partnered with Sony and ran a competition in which consumers could win Sony headphones every 15 minutes. The promotion encompassed everything that summed up that perfect Summer Vibe – the beach, Coca-Cola and good music.

In keeping with Coke’s above-the-line summer look and feel, we developed impactful on- and off-shelf display materials that promoted the opportunity to win Sony headphones.

The campaign achieved record-breaking participation through its campaign microsite.

Nearly 10,450 soft drinks from Coca-Cola are drunk every second of every day
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Happy Birthday Coke

The success of an iconic brands 125th Birthday should never be left to chance. So when Coke wanted to activate all of their above the line investment in-store, they spoke to RLA.

In keeping with the retro advertising, we created striking in-store POS that developed the nostalgic theme. Working with the positioning, consumers were given the chance to win an old style family picnic hamper when they purchased our heritage Coca-Cola packs.

Supported by big-brand investment in front-of-store positioning, the eye-catching displays successfully converted shoppers into customers at the checkout.

Coca-Cola was first invented by a pharmacist named John Pemberton
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World Cup Winner

Coca-Cola wanted to ensure their enormous global investment in World Cup sponsorship touched every part of their customers journey. In-store activation was critical for both maximising awareness and, of course, maximising sales.

We wanted to really bring the euphoria of the World Cup to life through our point-of-sale. Hence, we created a portfolio of eye-catching POS that included a mini football pitch complete with nets, crowds, flags and a podium. A replica of the World Cup held the Coca-Cola bottles and really brought the promotion to life. Prizes ranged from World Cup party packs to FIFA World Cup glasses.

So what was the result? Spain won of course! But when it came to sales of soft drinks at the tills, there was an unstoppable winner – Coca-Cola.

The Coca-Cola Facebook page has over 50 million fans, and growing
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