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Good news & Bad News

Not everyone looks forward to getting their bus pass. But when you consider the rising cost of petrol and parking fees, more and more people are using public transport than ever before. So when the Northern Ireland Concessionary Fares Scheme reduced the age limit when people could travel free of charge on Translink services to 60 years, we couldn’t wait to break the good news.

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Getting to know you

Research gathered through TGI analysis and Concept Testing showed us that the target audience is more young at heart than the normal stereotype associated with ‘older people’. They are savvy with their money and welcome the fact that they have earned the right to free travel and are not ashamed to apply for their free travel pass.

Instead of targeting 60 year-olds like OAPs who sit at home all day knitting and planting flowers, we tapped into the silver surfer group who don’t see themselves as ‘past it’ and are still out there having fun and enjoying life to the full.

There’s more to life with a 60+ Smartpass

The creative execution drove home a strong, bold message that there is more to life than knitting or doing the gardening and addressed the flexibility that a 60+ Smartpass offered.

The campaign spanned a 5-month period where 3 executions were rotated throughout the duration of the campaign. These executions were able to work across a variety of other mediums including full colour press advertising, shopper lites, adshels, welcome packs (which accompanied application forms), the website and penguin stands.

Exceeding client targets

Independent research carried out both pre and post campaign, showed awareness and understanding of the changes and benefits of a 60+ Smartpass had increased by 43%. A government target was set of 50% of all 60-64 year olds (42,240 people) applying for a Smartpass. The campaign exceeded this with close to 60,000 applications.

So if you need to meet tough targets and ensure your message gets noticed, RLA are capable of delivering exactly what you need.

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