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A full-service creative response

When it comes to booking flights, it’s all about price, price, price. So, with a tumble in flight volumes since the recession, how do you ensure the four airports in your region retain their fair share of an over-serviced and increasingly competitive regional market?

Not an easy challenge, but one we were ready tackle…

Since 2009, RLA has been working with Manchester Airport Group (MAG) across their four regional airports – Bournemouth, East Midlands, Humberside and Manchester – engaging local consumers to grow awareness, consideration and passenger traffic.

Our largest project to date with the group was enormously important – achieve blanket awareness of the new £45m terminal development at Bournemouth and ensure traffic increases. No pressure!

MAG serve around 42 million passengers every year
Manchester Airport Group image

Encouraging customers to look beyond price

Consumer research showed that the problem with rebuilding your existing terminals is that customers simply won’t notice, or for that matter, care. Flight accessibility and cost are the two most important factors in choosing which airport to fly from. However, when you’re the airport owner, how do you encourage regional travellers to choose your facility without entirely relying on the activities and offers of partner airline operators?

RLA’s key strategic thinking was based on creating desire of the facility itself, elevating ‘airport consideration’ higher in the consumers mind when choosing airports for their next choice of holiday or business trip. To do that required an adventurous creative approach to disrupt the industry norm.

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Changing consumer behaviour

To achieve our goal, we set about placing Bournemouth’s new architecture at the front of the creative execution and relegating price to a secondary message. By focusing on modernity, quality and customer service with a serious premium brand look and feel, we were able to elevate public interest well beyond what would normally be possible with such a subject matter.

Our planning strategy identified the need to focus on the facility itself first with the available destinations in support. Hence, our creative campaign for Bournemouth Airport titled ‘Bourne Again’ was launched with resounding success.

Our media experts ensured that the campaign was delivered effectively and generated mass awareness using a fully-integrated advertising campaign involving TV, radio, press, 96 and 48 sheets, 6 sheets in 45 regional towns, geo-targeted online advertising and PPC and a million+ staged mailing and door-drop campaign around Dorset, Hampshire, Wilshire and Somerset. Phew!

Manchester Airport Group image

Needless to say, the results and the client echoed a resounding success:

Awareness had grown from 35% to 58%

Brand image had improved from 29% to 36%

Web traffic hits during the campaign were 137,000 visits per month

Database growth 67,000 increase in active customer records

Our client had this to say:

“The ‘Bourne Again’ creative and campaign planning has been a resounding success. RLA’s hard work and dedication is very much appreciated. Thank you for your continued help and support.”

Caroline Plant, Marketing Director MAG

Oh, and it picked up a few awards along the way – Winner of Bournemouth Tourism Awards; Tourism Marketing Initiative of the Year. Finalist of Dorset Business Awards; Creative Company/Project of the Year.

So if you’ve got a challenge that require remarkable results, give us a call.

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