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Brighten up a child’s world

Fostering a child isn’t something anyone goes into lightly. It takes a lot of consideration and many people will deliberate over it long and hard before making a decision to proceed. In addition to this, there is also the confusion about who is suitable to foster and also the added complication of having your personal, private life looked into with a fine tooth comb.

So when we were asked to develop an overall brand identity for Northern Ireland Foster Care and create a campaign that would get more people from all walks of life to think about fostering a child, we knew it was going to be a challenge. But one that we were happy to rise to.

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It takes a special person to foster

Fostering a child, takes a special kind of person and tackling this brief would also take a special strategy and creative approach. With numbers dwindling, it was vital that our new TV ad hit home, didn’t alienate anyone and really got people motivated into considering fostering a child.

Instead of showcasing the benefits of fostering, we wanted to emotionally showcase how vulnerable these children are and drive home the fact that it’s the simple everyday things we all take for granted (like a warm meal, security, help with homework) that makes the difference to a child.

To ensure we didn’t show a stereotypical family/home scenario, we opted for an animation route to break down any pre-conceived images the viewer had of the type of person who is suitable to foster.

The message was delivered in a visually impactful way that showed the dark gloom of a child slowly disappear as his world becomes brighter/ happier again. The creative message was simply underpinned by the strapline: Will you brighten up a child’s world?

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Getting people to act

Not only did the ad win awards; more importantly, throughout the duration of the campaign (4 years), over 12,424 unique users visited the website. And From the 12,424 visitors to the website, 1,522 have requested additional information. 27.7% (or 420 people) spontaneously reference the TV ad as their main reason for getting in touch.

We are so proud to say that 117 Fostercarers have been recruited as a direct result of the campaign. This really is a remarkable achievement and one we are very happy to be associated with.

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