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Finding a unique position as to why tourists should choose you over other destinations to visit in the UK or Republic of Ireland is no easy task. However, in terms of Northern Ireland, this was made even trickier as we had to dispel pre-conceived ideas stopping tourists even putting NI on their radar.

For over six years, RLA helped the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) drive economic growth from domestic audiences within the short break market locally, in ROI and the UK. Our campaign strategy was based on the fact that NI is easy to get to and easy to get around. In fact, you could visit a city in the morning, play golf in the afternoon on a world class course and stroll along the coast in the evening. So, we developed a fully-integrated marketing campaign, aimed at various audiences looking for different experiences around the strategic positioning of: Your Time, Our Place.

A mix of national above-the-line media and localised tactical campaigns were used to reach our target audience. And the good news is it worked with the number of visitors taking short break holidays improving substantially over the three years of the campaign and the return on investment evaluated at £14 per £1 spent.

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Attracting tourism from Southern Ireland

Part of NITB’s remit is to encourage tourists flying into Dublin and Cork in the Republic of Ireland to come and sample what Northern Ireland has to offer during their stay. The main obstacle for tourists visiting ROI is to get them to understand that NI is very accessible in terms of distance during a one to two week trip. We also needed to showcase the wealth of wonderful things there is to see and do here over and above what the ROI offers.

With this in mind, we developed an eye-catching campaign all based around key landmarks and fascinating facts such as: the birth place of Titanic and the landscape that inspired Narnia. The facts were developed using inviting photography and all summed up with the campaign positioning: ‘too close to miss’.

As well as posters and leaflets in airports and radio ads on inflight stations, we also wrapped and kitted out a Winnibagow which we took to main tourist attractions in ROI.

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South Armagh – Don’t be a stranger

In addition to attracting tourism to NI, we also developed a TV commercial to promote tourism to South Armagh. This area of NI had a historic stigma preventing tourists visiting it, which was inherited from the troubles and the locals were still a tad suspect of people they didn’t know.

So instead of hiding the perception, we tackled the problem head on in an amusing way that not only showcased the beautiful scenery, but also captured the warmth and humour of the people who live there.

If you’re looking to attract tourists and need someone who is knowledgeable in achieving results, you know who to visit.

Tourism contributes 5.2% of the Northern Ireland economy and supports 43,000 jobs
Driving visitor numbers to Northern Ireland |RLA