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Driving Scania to where it belongs

First it was trucks. Big trucks. Efficient trucks. And coaches. Plus buses. Then the people who maintain them. And the fuel card that supports them. Plus marine engines and recruitment. And not just in the UK, but in South Africa and 9 other African countries. Plus Australia and, of course, Sweden.

Yes. You could say we’re justifiably proud of the extent of our relationship with Scania.

Having won the lead creative and dealer marketing account for Scania GB, our initial task was to elevate the premium status of the brand above other marques that were aggressively attempting to close the gap on the UK’s most profitable heavy truck brand for a generation.

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Nothing’s impossible with Scania

With a ground-up rebuild of the brand’s statement in the market, RLA’s new creative positioning for Scania –  ‘You Can’  launched to immediate acclaim in the market. The new brand look and feel was rolled out across a fully integrated marketing mix; ATL through dealer templates through digital content, the adventurous new brand instantly stood out from its competitors and quickly captured the imagination of the industry en masse.

Over the last four years, RLA have continued to grow the account. We’ve expanded and reinforced the long-term brand proposition with further innovation in direct customer segmentation and targeting, online content strategy, social engagement campaigns and numerous national events.

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Job done in the UK. Next, South Africa

With UK market share growing for the first time in three years thanks to the new brand launch, RLA’s strategic approach was broadened to South Africa. However, after carrying out extensive research and testing, it showed the positioning ‘You Can’ didn’t fit this market. Following a comprehensive multi-market, multi-race positioning analysis, it was clear Scania’s social attitude and ethical practices were a significant point-of-difference against competitor brands. ‘There is a better way’ launched in 2013 with a disruptive bent towards highlighting and proving the depth of capability of a company hell-bent on delivering the best service and economy in the entire southern African sub-continent. With our new approach, the truck takes a back seat to the principle of a company designed from the outset to support their customers.

497 jobs completed in 4 years and still counting
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Going live

Through-the-line is a much used term, but rarely can it be applied so meaningfully to a single agency relationship. In addition to the traditional media and digital media approaches, we’ve organised all of Scania’s launches at Commercial Motor Live since 2012, supported Scania Global Marine with their 2011, 2012 and 2013 event appearances and helped the Bus and Coach divisions with major launches and exhibitions.

2014 sees major engagement campaigns for the UK, nine southern African countries and more recently… Australia. When it comes to making a noticeable difference to your brand, let’s just say… You can with RLA!

At exit interviews 81% of attendees cited Scania as having the most prominent branding at the event. Volvo came in second with 13% followed by Mercedes with 4%


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