From below potential to market leader across 17 markets

When we first met Scania in 2010, we met a world-leader in engineering capability, quality and technology. The brand was revered by diehard customers and those in the know within the industry. But we also met a company losing ground to resurgent competitors in Mercedes and Volvo. Scania, the best built, but most expensive truck on the market (by some margin), just wasn’t justifying its premium enough to hold off the competition.

A product vs brand imbalance

At Scania, the engineers rule the roost. Product is king and Scania’s product reigns supreme in almost every commercial KPI when running a haulage business. If the product itself was performing, then the problem was a lack of awareness. A lack of focus on brand positioning and compelling persuasion was contriving to ensure that Scania’s proposition lacked purpose and standout – a problem with a global scale.


In the UK, the competition had closed the gap. They had successfully raised awareness of themselves as viable (if not better) alternatives to Scania. We began by undertaking a root and branch review of the UK marketplace, rebuilding the brand’s positioning within the UK.

Distilling the essence of what the haulage industry is about, we launched the rallying call, “You Can”. With the backing of a full-throttle, through-the-line campaign, this message of empowerment captured the imagination of the industry. The campaign, reinforced extensively with internal activity, ran in multiple stages for seven years, re-asserting Scania as the number one, most desirable brand in the market.


Our operational success brought numerous market extensions to RLA, including the Southern Africa region, Central Eastern Europe and South East Asia. The breadth of RLA’s involvement expanded too, with projects as diverse as ownership CRM, Parts loyalty campaigns and a premium launch event for the new luxury coach in Singapore – to name just a few.


Our work with Scania has resulted in an outstanding collection of brand-driven results which we are very proud of:
No.1 for brand awareness, consideration, likeability and impact.
From 14% to 22% sustained market share in UK
From 8th to 2nd in-market position within four years for Southern Africa region

Our work with Scania has culminated in RLA’s latest major win – a truly exciting five-year project aiming to propel Scania’s market performance in China from that of a minor contender, to the largest global market for Scania by 2023.

Brand Desire
Customer Acquisition
Customer Relationship
Employee Engagement
Photograph courtesy of Bryan Winstanley