Using coordinated communications to harmonise the community.

The Project

The problem for Tesco has always been vocal minority belief that their growth aspirations will 'kill' local town communities by forcing local butchers, bakers and farmers out of business. RLA were challenged to help change this perception in Northern Ireland.

The Strategy

In 2014 our localisation campaign "Switch to Local" utilised beautiful photography of numerous key local farmers and suppliers in the province to bring the diverse and committed local suppliers in the front of Tesco Advertising.

Through a heavy weight regional broadcast campaign in outdoor and press we also integrated the campaign with personalised POS, DM, email, local press and local events for each of the stores.

The Outcome

After 20 years, Tesco has started to thrive in the Irish community and now the largest grocer in the market.

The success of the campaign meant that RLA were the first ever agency to be awarded Tesco's 'Supplier of the Month' Award (which is normally reserved for suppliers such as growers and farmers).

Brand Desire