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From niche to number one

In over 47 years of partnership, we’ve grown a little since initially providing (very) local advertising services for the official Volkswagen importer for Northern Ireland.

We now handle multiple, business-critical advertising and marketing accounts for Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and now Scania); the UK’s largest automotive group securing over a fifth of the market.

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Being a trusted partner has afforded us the enjoyment of being responsible for several major marketing milestones:

1967 Volkswagen National and Dealer Advertising for Northern Ireland

1984 RLA awarded Volkswagen’s 1st parts/service marketing account

1986 RLA launches SEAT’s UK Dealer Marketing programme

1992 RLA awarded Audi’s local advertising for Northern Ireland

1999 RLA awarded Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle’s UK Dealer Marketing

2000 RLA awarded Audi’s complete UK Regional and Dealer Marketing

2000 RLA launches the Volkswagen Parts Club

2002 RLA awarded lead creative, full-service account for VWCV

2003 RLA launches Audi’s Trade Connect programme

2003 RLA designs and launches the new Predictive Marketing concept

2007 RLA launches Volkswagen Group’s Trade Parts Specialists (TPS) business

2009 RLA launches ŠKODA first ever Predictive Marketing programme

2010 RLA awarded lead creative and sole agency status for Scania UK

2012 RLA awarded Scania southern African markets

2014 RLA starts with Scania Australia

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The definition of Indispensable

Having proven our advertising and marketing capability and operational diligence over three decades, to this day we continue to provide business-critical communication programmes throughout the Volkswagen Group. With programmes across numerous brands, departments and channels, from ATL comms to confidential back-end strategy, we operate at all levels of the business on a daily basis. Our ‘Indispensable in what we do’ agency positioning is based on a Volkswagen client quote in 2012 summarising the importance of our commitment to the ongoing financial success of the organisation.

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